Cod. 95-053

Technical information

Weight: gr/lm 437
Height: cm 141
Composition: 72% Cradura, 16% certified virgin wool, 12% Red. LenzingFR
Technology: Cradle to Cradle Jacquard Upholstery
EN1021 part 1/2
BS 5852-0/1
California TB117 Class 1
Abrasion resistance: EN ISO 12947-2 Martindale > 500.000 cycles
Pilling: EN ISO 12945-2 Martindale process 4
Colour fastness to rubbing: EN ISO 105/X12, Dry 4/5, Wet 4/5
Colour fastness to artificial light: EN ISO 105/B02, 6/7
Colour: slight differences in colour between batches are possible
Maintenance method: Vacuum with a soft brush, wipe away stains with a moist sponge, clean tough stains with benzene
and a clean, lint-free cloth or use professional dry cleaning.

Les couleurs et les finitions indiquées ont une valeur purement indicative.