Università Pierre & Marie Curie - Campus JussieuParis, FranceArchitecture Studio
IUT Paris DescartesParis, FranceAZC - Zundel Cristea Architects
Hotel BarcéloMalaga, Spain
Politecnico di Milano – "Carlo De Carli" Great HallMilan, Italy
LAMM armchair Teatro Kadikoy cop newsFutura armchairs by LAMM for the multi-purpose Municipal Theatre set up in Kadıköy, Turkey
The set-up of the new theatre hall with 318 Futura seats mounted on two telescopic stands facing each other, has been successfully completed in the residential area that has developed along Istanbul's Asian coastline.
LAMM F50 armchairs for the Auditorium of the Research Technology and Innovation Park at the American University of Sharjah in the Emirates
The new conference room at the Sharjah (AE) university campus has been successfully fitted with 130 fully upholstered F50 armchairs.
L213 armchairs by LAMM for the new Future Art Lab at mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna
The room is equipped with fully upholstered L213 armchairs (some of which can be removed) arranged in eight straight, tiered rows.
LAMM armchairs for the auditorium at the new headquarters of the CPC group in Modena
The room was successfully equipped with L213 armchairs arranged in curved rows on a stepped platform.


Auditoriums, conference halls, cinemas, theatres and multipurpose places are the contexts where LAMM excellence in terms of comfort, ergonomics and flexibility, results in armchairs and seats of iconic design, through a wide range of standard products and custom-made solutions. The foldaway and telescopic grandstand systems for the multipurpose space organisation complete the company’s offer.

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The long list of prestigious international installations is proof of LAMM experience in this field, expressed through standard collections and custom-made solutions. An approach resulting in university study benches characterised by an elegant design and innovative solutions as well as a great attention to ergonomics, flexibility of use, safety and durability. All completed by exclusive raised platforms and fixed grandstands.

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To furnish public and private multipurpose spaces, reception, catering and leisure areas, and work places, LAMM has developed a full range of collectivity chairs, armchairs and sofas for waiting rooms, stackable stools and chairs, packable folding armchairs as well as beam-mounted seating systems and folding tables capable of combining performance with design to satisfy the most diversified demand.

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Special fixed and hidden systems

In addition to a complete series of raised platforms and fixed tribunes, these systems include rolling flooring (seats rotate and fully conceal beneath the flooring), tribunes and telescopic terraced steps (seats are collected and compacted along the wall), devices on tracks set into the floor (the rows of seats slide and compact horizontally beneath the stand or in specific storage spaces).

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