Since 1959, LAMM has produced and installed throughout the world seating systems for conference rooms, auditoriums, universities, cinemas, theatres and community facilities.


The extensive experience LAMM has built up in over 60 years of production and market activities enables the company to respond comprehensively to the complex contemporary design variables of multifunctional seating for public facilities.


From the beginning, LAMM’s objective has been to supply not simple products but rather advanced, innovative solutions, by continuous research on the use of materials, ergonomics and developing exclusive technology, to combine performance, comfort and design.

Made in Italy

LAMM products are entirely made in Italy. Awareness in the selection of raw materials, attention to detail, and a passion uniting artisan knowledge with hi-tech, position LAMM production in the finest “Made in Italy” tradition.


Through partnerships with leading designers, giving ideas the best shape is an essential part of LAMM’s production culture. The many international prizes and recognitions LAMM has been awarded for industrial design demonstrate this.

Industrial production

Sophisticated processing cycles, supported with continual investment in machinery and production processes, enable LAMM to maintain impressive production volumes, ensuring great flexibility and the typical high quality of artisan products.

Customized serial products

LAMM’s philosophy is to focus mass production on a selected number of high quality products able to respond to the widest range of uses. In parallel, the company specialises in project assistance, from the development of details to samples and on to custom products, including starting from original concepts.