Award-winning Genya for new complex in Segreen Business Park

The compact and minimalist armchair furnishes the auditorium of the new business centre created from the former Microsoft building in Segrate (MI), designed by Studio Elementare


The Genya armchair, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, furnishes the multi-coloured auditorium of the new building complex following the LEED WELL standards, the certification that attests to the beneficial effects of buildings on the well-being of the people who live in them or use them. More than 30,000 square metres of new office space in the Segreen Business Park in Segrate, on the outskirts of Milan. A multi-tenant complex – designed by Studio Elementare – resulting from a development project realised by Europa Risorse Sgr on behalf of the Er Office Fund 3, underwritten by PineBridge Benson Elliot.

The new hub, consisting of several connected buildings and small volumes that seek to create a city effect, connects two sections of the existing business centre, occupying the spaces that once belonged to Microsoft. The building owned by the giant of the Silicon Valley was largely demolished to make way for new offices. And it is here, in the large 95-seat auditorium, that Genya, the iconic LAMM armchair that conceals every component within it, enters the scene, having been awarded the Good Design Award, the Best of NeoCon, and last but not least, an honourable mention at the XXII edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro.

A total of 95 chairs were supplied and installed by LAMM, arranged in straight rows on steps with a spacing of 58 cm. For the business park, a version entirely upholstered in dark green leatherette was chosen. Innovation and attention to detail: no support is visible, the seat and armrests open with a synchronised (patented) soft-closing movement, and each armchair is equipped with elements for row identification and seat numbering.

Project: Segreen Business Park
Location: Segrate (MI), Italy
Architectural Project: Studio Elementare
Client: Europa Risorse SGR
Structures and Installations Project: Tekne S.p.a.
Year: 2023
Local dealer: Cardex Srl
Supply LAMM: 95 Genya armchairs – Dante Bonuccelli
Photos: courtesy of Segreen Business Park –