Cod. 07-009

Technical information

mm 1
real leather. Chromium dressing without PCP
Fire resistance:
UNI EN 1021/1 - UNI EN 1021/2
BS 5852 SOURCE 0,1
FAR 25853 B
BULLETIN 117 California test
Colour fastness to artificial light:
UNI EN ISO 105-B02 >7 blue scale
Colour fastness to rubbing:
UNI EN ISO 11640 dry 1.000 cycles - wet 250 cycles, clean felt
Flex resistance test:
UNI EN ISO 5402, 50.000 cycles no-break in the finishing
Adhesion of finish:
UNI EN ISO 11644 > 5 Newton/cm
Tear strength:
UNI EN ISO 3377-1 > 20 Newton
slight differences in colour between batches are possible.
Maintenance method:
Dust with a soft and dry cloth. In presence of stains, use a solution of distilledor boiled water with natural
mild soap flakes (half cup of soap flakes in one litre of hot water). Whisk the solution and use just the foam formed. Apply the foam
with a soft cloth, without soaking the leather, blotting the stains from the edges towards the centre, without rubbing and wipe
Never use solvent, steam, steam, generic stain removers or other cleaning products.
The leather can be supplied in a fire-resistant version for all the colours on this chart on request; quotations and delivery dates
shall be defined at the time of order.

The colours and finishes shown have an indicative value only.