Extrema Au

Cod. 28-039

Technical Information

Weight: 670 g/m
Height: 140 cm
Composition: 63% Polyurethane 37 % Cotton
Fire-resistance: UNI 9175:1987 e 9175 Fa 1/94 Class 1 IM, IMO Resolution A. 652(16)/89, EN1021-2/93, BS5852-1/79, BS5852/90 section 4 Crib 5
Abrasion resistance: UNI EN ISO 12947-2:2000 Martindale 150.000 cycles
Tensile Strenght: UNI 4818 / pt. 6°, lengthwise ≥ 250, crosswise ≥ 250
Tear Strenght: UNI 4818 /pt.9°, lenghtwise ≥20, crosswise ≥30
Light fastness: UNI EN ISO 105 B02:2001 (Xenotest) 5-6 (blue scale)
Perspiration resistance: UNI EN ISO 105 E04:98, Acid Alkaline 4-5
Treatment: Antibacterial, anti-mite ULTRA-FRESH
Tropical test: 60 days 70°C unchanged
Colour: slight differences in colour between batches are possible. Certain clothing and accessory dyes (ex. jeans) may migrate to lighter colors of this item. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature. LAMM will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants.
Maintenance method: Dust gently and if there are slight stains clean the surface with a damp cloth or a neutral detergent solution then rinse with water without squeezing. For concentrated and more stubborn stains (oil, grease, make-up, ink, coffee, liqueur, chewing-gum etc.) loosen the stain at the proper time with ethyl alcohol (colourless liquid) 20% diluted in water, dab and then treat with a neutral detergent solution and rinse well.

The colours and finishes shown have an indicative value only.