Cod. 40-073

Technical Information

Weight: 650 g/m2 +/-5%
Height: 138/140 cm
Composition: 88% PVC, 8% PES, 4% COT
Fire-resistance: ISO 3795 UNI 9175 Classe 1IM, BS 5852, FMVSS 302 U.S.A. Motor Vehicle Safety, TB 117, UNI EN 1021-1/2.
Abrasion resistance: UNI EN 13520: ISO 12947 (dry) Martindale 100.000 cycles.
Tensile strenght resistance: UNI EN ISO 1421 Long. 300 N/5 Cm Transv. 200 N/5 Cm
Ultimate elongation: UNI EN ISO 1421 Long. minimum 40% Transv. minimum 145%
Tear strength: UNI EN ISO 4674 meth. B Long. Min. 20 N Transv. Min. 15 N
Light fastness: UNI EN ISO 4892 Blue scale 7 Xeno test
Colour fastness to rubbing: UNI EN ISO 105-X12:2003 Grey scale 4/4
Peel adhesion: UNI 4818-P.10 n/5cm. Long. e Across min. 30
Tropical test: UNI EN ISO 1419/C – 1195E 70º-95% Humidity, resistant

Free from formaldehydes and other harmful substances as required by Italian regulations currently in force.

Colour: slight differences in colour between batches are possible.

Certain clothing and accessory dyes (ex. jeans) may migrate to lighter colors of this item. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature. LAMM will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants.

Maintenance method: use water and neutral detergent.

The colours and finishes shown have an indicative value only.