Genya armchairs and E5000 study benches for Sala dei Duecento inside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence


LAMM seats and benches for the prestigious Sala dei Duecento, where research and innovation blend with the sixteenth-century ancient tapestries to create a complete multifunctional space


Located in the original core of Palazzo Vecchio, dating from the early 15th century, the great Sala dei Duecento was conceived to house Florence Council meetings. Originally called Sala del Popolo or del Comune, the room took its current name in the 16th century, when the Duke Alessandro de’ Medici reformed the Council by bringing the total number of members to two hundred.

Sala del Duecento Palazzo Vecchio - Firenze - Genya - E5000 by LAMM

The historical site has recently been renewed to arrange the assembly according to the English model, a layout that allows visitors to admire the perimeter mullioned windows and the Bronzino and Pontormo tapestries over the walls. In this way, the room takes on a museum-like dimension, while maintaining the intended use of City Council Assembly.


The room technological devices are based on domotics, which allows the employment of different “sceneries” depending on the space use so as to control air conditioning, sound and lighting systems, but also tapestry lift system and window shading.

Sala del Duecento Palazzo Vecchio - Firenze - Genya - E5000 by LAMM

The 65 Council seats and benches, as well as 36 public chairs, all created by LAMM, have been chosen for the essential design aligned with a sober contemporary taste and their great ergonomic and functional performances.

Sala del Duecento Palazzo Vecchio - Firenze - Genya - E5000 by LAMM

Genya armchair, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, is characterised by a minimalist elegant style and a compact shape when closed, with its components hidden within the volume, while seat and arms open, if needed, with a cushioned closure synchronized patented movement. Every seat combines with a custom E5000 study bench, with double closure panel, provided with electric power supply, an electronic vote keypad and a microphone.

Sala del Duecento Palazzo Vecchio - Firenze - Genya - E5000 by LAMM

Both products have been installed on a platform, supplied by LAMM too, with rustproof tubular iron structure and walkover flooring in plywood panels coated with laminate on either side.


Project Sala dei Duecento – Palazzo Vecchio

Location Florence, Italy

Year 2016

Client Municipality of Florence

Design by Servizio Belle Arti e Fabbrica di Palazzo Vecchio of Florence Municipality; Chief Arch. Giorgio Caselli

Layout project Mr. Daniele Gualandi, Arch. Giorgio Caselli

LAMM systems Genya armchairs combined with E5000 study benches




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