Adaptability, well-being and comfort – the essentials of the LAMM design for Facoltà teologica dell’Italia meridionale in Naples

A contemporary project within an early 20th-century building resting on the lovely Posillipo hill. LAMM rises to the challenge with the versatility, simplicity and elegance of its furnishings


The place is evocative, suspended between the beauty of lush nature, archaeology and legend. The building is just the same: imposing, halfway between sky and sea. Naples, the Posillipo hill – these are the coordinates of the project that led to the restyling of the interiors of Pontificio Seminario Campano Interregionale and Pontificia Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Meridionale. Reorganising the spaces of a building dating back to the early 1900s, subjected to landscape planning restrictions and forming integral part of an important religious complex that includes the 17th-century Church of Santa Brigida was the requirement of the prestigious commissioners: Provincia d’Italia della Compagnia di Gesù and Pontificio Seminario Campano Interregionale. The architect Francesco Scardaccione was tasked with the challenge of combining preservation with the modern requirements part of the extensive programme of activities of the Faculty of Theology. LAMM had the task of meeting the needs of a contemporary project with the versatility, simplicity and elegant design that characterises its products and systems.

Comfort, design and also a touch of colour for the lecture hall of the theology complex, suitable for all kinds of events. For this welcoming and harmonious venue, LAMM supplied the Sipario armchairs, a company classic boasting ample possibilities of adaptation and customisation, yet reviewed with the effect of multiplying the versions and variants available so as to meet the most diverse needs of theatres, auditoriums and conference halls. 252 armchairs were installed in total, complete with a beam structure varnished in black and apple green faux-leather upholstery.

The atmosphere of the rooms is warm and welcoming, especially thanks to the E4000 bench desk with chair system. The design by Lucci and Orlandini combines essential shapes, elegant lines and ergonomics. All these qualities are found in a product that boasts high flexibility, installed for the Neapolitan project in straight lines both on flat floors and on steps (it is also suitable for slopes and can be installed curved). The E4000 system was installed in three rooms of different sizes (46, 54 and 86 seats) in the version with silver laminate fixed desks equipped with object holder racks. The seats, backrests and front panels are made of oak laminate by Abet Laminati.

In the remaining rooms, the comfort and versatility of the Lucky chairs by Emilio Nanni are combined with the practicality of Flip tables. Used in various sizes, the tables all feature a silver-coloured frame and a laminated desk with a grey oak finish. The “double face” chairs in two different colours – one for the chair and one for the back of the thermoplastic frame – have been chosen in the four-legged version, both with or without armrests. Four professor’s desks have been made to measure in various sizes with a laminate finish. Finally, the supply included eight Polo armchairs with a chrome frame and faux-leather upholstery: a simple design to furnish waiting and meeting areas that guarantees the maximum comfort.

Everything contributes to creating simple, comforting and welcoming environments for the immediate well-being of those who use them.


Project name: Pontificio Seminario campano interregionale and Pontificia Facoltà teologica dell’Italia meridionale – San Luigi section
Location: Naples, Italy
Architectural project: architect Francesco Scardaccione
Year: 2018 – 2020
Lamm supply: 252 Sipario chairs on beams, 184 E4000 bench desks with chairs, 117 FLIP tables, 302 Lucky chairs, 4 made-to-measure professor’s desks, 12 blackboards, 8 Polo armchairs, 6 presidential chairs
Photographs: Mario Ferrara