Project name
Pontificia Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Meridionale
Project location
Naples, Italy
Architectural project
Francesco Scardaccione
Lamm furniture
252 Sipario chairs on beams, 184 E4000 bench desks with chairs, 117 FLIP tables, 302 Lucky chairs, 4 made-to-measure professor's desks, 12 blackboards, 8 Polo armchairs, 6 presidential chairs
Mario Ferrara
The design project for the Seminario and Pontificia Facoltà Teologica, located in an early 20th-century church complex on Posillipo Hill in Naples, required a large supply of products. The project, led by Francesco Scardaccione, combines preservation with the modern requirements of the Faculty’s extensive programme of activities. LAMM rose to the challenge with its versatile and understated products and systems. The lecture hall is furnished with 252 Sipario armchairs with faux leather upholstery, beams and a coated black frame. Thanks to the E4000 integrated seat-and-desk system with fixed silver laminate top and racks for small objects, whose design, by Lucci and Orlandini, is understated and ergonomic, the rooms are very inviting. In the remaining rooms, comfortable Lucky chairs by Emilio Nanni are combined with practical Flip tables. Four custom-made chairs and eight Polo armchairs complete the supply.