Project name
École Supérieure Des Mines De Paris - Schlumberger Auditorium
Project location
Architectural project
Atelier Aconcept
École Supérieure Des Mines De Paris
Lamm furniture
139 E4000 study benches - Lucci e Orlandini
©Florent Michel / 11h45
LAMM E4000 desk and table units for the Schlumberger Auditorium of the École Supérieure des Mines in Paris designed by Atelier Aconcept and fitted out with LAMM seating systems, has recently reopened its doors, at full capacity. Considered a showcase for the international influence of the university, the 400-metre hall has been fitted out – on a project by the Toulouse architecture firm Atelier Aconcept – with 139 E4000 seating units, 6 of them fixed and with 2 groups of 2 seats for students with disabilities. E4000 – Lucci and Orlandini design is an integrated, continuous system of seats and desks, the fruit of a generalised simplification and rationalisation study, and for the occasion was supplied in a version with seats, backrests and tip-up surfaces in ABET graphite laminate. All the desks have been fitted with electrification channels, and have been installed in straight lines on the rows of the auditorium.