Project name
University of Padua
Project location
Padua, Italy
Architectural project
Studio Valle Architetti Associati
University of Padua
I.TEC. – Costruzioni generali
Lamm furniture
465 desk seats E4000 - Lucci e Orlandini
The E4000 integrated seat-and-desk system by Lucci and Orlandini welcomes users to the ultra-modern auditorium, which is fully equipped to host gatherings and lectures in the new conference centre assigned, along with the entire new urban campus, to Valle Architetti Associati by the University of Padua. The hall consists of an auditorium and tiered gallery, which can be used separately. Acoustic requirements are adhered to and the foldaway sliding walls ensure maximum visibility. In both the stalls and the gallery—which share a large screen and central projection booth—a total of 465 seats are equipped with E4000 study desks supplied and installed by LAMM. This version of the seat-and-desk system is fitted with electrical cable ducts, a tip-up writing tablet and armrests. The seat and backrest are padded, and each chair has a rack for small objects and a damper for controlled closure.