Project name
SDA Bocconi Campus
Project location
Rome, Italy
Architectural project
Il Prisma
SDA Bocconi
Lamm furniture
OnTime Custom Armchairs
Images courtesy of Il Prisma; Copyright © Moreno Maggi
Tailor-made armchairs with multiple accessories were chosen for the highly flexible lecture halls of the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Villa Morgagni, Rome, designed and restructured by Il Prisma. In collaboration with the internationally renowned architectural firm, LAMM developed an armchair from a reworked version of the On Time model. The aim: to meet the need for modern lecture halls, adaptable to various teaching methods, to be flexible. On site, three hundred armchairs were supplied and installed, which retain: the comfort, attention to detail and motion system that enables the seat and sides to fold and overlap on the backrest, reducing the size to just a few cm. In addition, each is equipped with: an extra-large tablet with antipanic mechanism (tested for practicality and strength), a bag holder, a fabric storage pocket and double rear swivel wheels. Adhering to the “design for all” concept: in terms of measurement, the seat that is comfortable for both men and women of all weights and sizes.