Project name
Semmelweis University
Project location
Budapest, Hungary
Architectural project
Studio Fragment
Semmelweis University
Europa Design PLC
Lamm furniture
298 E5000 seats with fixed surface + 9 with tip-up surface (larger room); 176 E5000 seats with fixed surface+ 4 with tip-up surface (smaller room)
Images Courtesy of Zsolt Frikker
Competing with the world’s most prestigious universities and offering highquality education in a stimulating modern setting: the academic aspiration of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Semmelweis University meets the elegance and comfort of the E5000 study desk. For the new building in Budapest, home to the historic Hungarian University designed by Studio Fragment, the two 298- and 176-seat main lecture rooms, designed for efficient lesson organisation and to host events and conferences if needed, were fitted out by LAMM. The integrated E5000 seat-and-desk system was adopted to satisfy the need for modern style, practicality and flexibility. The seat, backrest and worktop are made from graphite-grey laminate, while the frames are painted silver. Tailored to each individual learner: each desk is equipped with both channelled electrical cables for charging personal devices and a rack for small objects. The writing tablets are mostly fixed. Alongside these are others equipped with the foldaway tip-up version.