LAMM signs contract worth around 5 million euro for University of Naples Federico II

The framework agreement includes the supply and installation of furniture and fittings for lecture theatres, offices and libraries in the various campuses throughout the city


LAMM has signed a framework agreement for the supply and installation of furniture and teaching equipment for the University of Naples Federico II, a well-known university which is one of the oldest in Europe. This is the result of a European tender process whereby LAMM, as the sole supplier, will carry out the first tranche worth approximately 5 million euro, involving the delivery and installation of furniture and fittings for lecture theatres, offices and libraries in the various campuses throughout the city.


The services required as part of the framework agreement are complex, and include a special support service for the design, assembly and installation of supplies, setting up the necessary cabling and system connections, in addition to the use of systems that enable fittings to subsequently be dismantled and moved if required. All of these phases demand a high level of skill and specific capability.


This important result has been achieved thanks to solid experience in fitting out university facilities and a technical team able to manage all supply and installation phases, as well as suggesting advanced, innovative solutions. These solutions are supported by ongoing research into materials, technologies, design and ergonomics, while ensuring high standards of comfort, robustness, durability, maintainability and functionality. We work to achieve objectives of flexibility and customisation to reflect the new requirements of modern teaching. This major win is also due to extensive experience in contract furniture solutions that include the design, management and provision of various product types, such as furnishings, curtains, multimedia systems and numerous other accessories. Such a wealth of experience means that LAMM can complete projects autonomously, without the need for temporary joint ventures, complex agreements and major imports.


This achievement follows fit-outs and supplies for prestigious universities whose premises have been designed by internationally-renowned architects, such as the new campus at Milan’s Bocconi University by the company Sanaa, and the École Normale Supérieure (Ens) Paris-Saclay by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Another framework agreement was recently signed after winning the tender (worth almost 10 million euro) announced by Rome’s Sapienza University.


The company’s supplies (off-catalogue and customised) have been shown to be worthy of the most ambitious challenges set by the universities of Italy and Europe, which increasingly require high-quality stimulating settings that contribute to consolidating their international prestige. Evidence of this are the large areas fitted out by LAMM for the Faculty of Health Sciences at Semmelweis University in Budapest and the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) campus in the Netherlands.