Project name
ITAS Forum
Project location
Trento, Italy
Architectural project
studio BBS
Itas Mutua
Lamm furniture
250 On Time armchairs + 3 dollies
Foto Tonina; Jacopo Salvi
On Time armchairs were chosen to enable the auditorium of the new ITAS Forum in Trento to be rapidly reconfigured. Commissioned by the former insurance company ITAS Mutua, the building occupies 20,000 square metres with event halls, offices and commercial areas. The main hall’s 250-seat auditorium features On Time armchairs whose sides and seat fold and overlap on the backrest thanks to the unique motion system. This reduces the chair to just 20 cm in size, making it ready to be stored after use. Upholstered in burgundy faux leather and with a black frame, these are equipped with a ground attachment system with removable plates. This fixing and alignment system is designed to ensure maximum occupant safety in the event of a fire. In the event of the hall being evacuated, each seat, which is attached to those adjacent, remains stationary thanks to the floor plates present. Accompanying the armchairs supplied are three dollies to transport them.