Project name
Ordine dei Medici di Parma
Project location
Parma (PR), Italy
Pavarani e Magnani Ingegneri Associati
Ordine dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri della provincia di Parma
Lamm furniture
99 F50 armchairs + 28 OnTime armchairs
Mauro Davoli
Capacity to be calibrated to changing needs and to the attendance of the public, allowing a rapid change of use if necessary. Dynamism and spatial versatility as input for the design of the new conference room in the renovated headquarters of the Order of Physicians of Parma. LAMM’s F50 and On Time armchairs fully meet the challenge with their proverbial distinctive qualities. The ninety-nine multi-purpose F50s, with their wide range of accessories and high degree of customisation, are installed on a special system that makes them removable: with just a few simple movements, the armchairs, even with shared armrests, can be removed in groups of two or three. Fully upholstered version for the F50, equipped with a flip-up writing tablet, which is then stowed inside the side panel. The twenty-eight OnTime armchairs – design Baldanzi & Novelli – suitable for any multifunctional environment, can be easily stored: the seat and sides fold, overlapping the backrest and reducing the footprint to just 20 centimetres. Once closed, the armchairs can be transported with the aid of a special trolley.