The LAMM supply gives shape to Bergamo’s renovated auditorium

The linear design of the C100 – Baldanzi & Novelli armchairs, together with the open cabinets, the mezzanine for the control booth, the platform and chairs for the speakers and panellists, the flame-retardant curtains and Flip tables, furnish the high-tech auditorium created from the extensive restyling of the old Civic Centre


The new auditorium of the Civic Centre in Via Furietti, in the Malpensata district of Bergamo, was inaugurated. An intervention co-financed with PNRR funds, which resulted from the modernisation of the old building where the district was located. A thorough restyling, which involved demolition work, as well as the creation of a new auditorium and a modern control room.

Once the old risers were eliminated, the C100 – Baldanzi & Novelli entered the scene with their linear and elegant design, which has proven to be very versatile and suitable for any environment; from those steeped in history to the most modern: from the Church of San Vincenzo in Piacenza, transformed into an auditorium, to the futuristic Museum of the Future in Dubai.

For the auditorium in Bergamo, the version chosen is the one with a low back and floor-standing sides. Arranged in straight rows on a level floor, the seats follow a spacing of 56 cm. The side panels, upholstered in grey leatherette like the rest of the seat, have been chosen in a reduced length (they are available in two height variants). The armchair has a wide range of functional accessories to choose from. For the new hall in the Civic Centre, the decision was made to equip it with retractable folding writing tablets with anti-panic movement.

The supply did not end with the armchairs: LAMM furnished and made the new space functional with the iron staircase and its railing for the control booth, the fire-retardant curtains, metal shelves, an open cabinet and a wall-mounted coat rack. Also included in the supply are the chairs for speakers and panellists and the removable platform, the lectern with cable ducts and folding and stackable Flip tables that can be easily stacked and removed with the aid of a special transport trolley.

Project: Furietti Civic Centre
Location: Bergamo – Italy
Architect: Antonio Gonella – Studio Gonella
Client: Municipality of Bergamo
Year: 2023
LAMM supply: C100 armchairs, platform, speakers’ chairs, metal cabinets, open cabinets, Flip tables, velvet fire- retardant curtains, stairs and director’s mezzanine
Photographer: Mauro Davoli