Project name
Apple iOS Developer Academy - University of Naples Federico II - Naples, Italy
Project location
Naples, Italy
Architectural project
arch. Francesco Scardaccione con Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm
Lamm furniture
Thanks to a cooperative agreement with the University of Naples Federico II, the iOS Developer Academy was put into effect several months ago and courses are hosted on the campus at San Giovanni a Teduccio. A well-structured learning and research complex was obtained from a high-profile renovation project of the former Cirio plant carried out by the Japan’s Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm. The L213 armchairs installed in the Neapolitan campus lecture hall are arranged in straight rows on steps. They are fixed to the floor by means of an anchoring foot encased in a scratch-resistant painted (black) sheet metal collar. Armchairs are upholstered in elegant blue faux leather and equipped with a tip-up foldaway writing tablet with anti-panic system.