Project name
Neurocampus, Segalen University - Bordeaux, France
Project location
Bordeaux, France
Architectural project
VIB Architecture, Paris
Lamm furniture
Cyrille Lallement
The new opalescent monolith, conceived by VIB architecture, a Parisian design studio managed by the figures of Franck Vialet and Bettina Ballus, encloses the barycentric atrium around which different typologies of research laboratories, medical practices, offices, service areas and a coffee bar are situated. Among them, the conference hall is architecturally iconic, framed by a purple complex parametric vault, which clashes with the immaculate and minimal parterre where, along the flight of steps, LAMM armchairs of the Genya model with rear backrest table and electric power supply. The installation has been completed by providing the first row of seats with the E5000 tip-up table, finished with wooden front panels.