Project name
Neurocampus, Segalen University - Bordeaux, France
Project location
Bordeaux, France
Architectural project
VIB Architecture, Paris
Lamm furniture
Cyrille Lallement
The Neurocampus in Bordeaux, a centre of excellence in French neurological research, was fitted with Genya armchairs and E5000 study desks. Part of the Université Ségalen’s high-tech experimentation cluster dedicated to ongoing research into the human nervous system, the new opalescent monolith, designed by VIB architecture (Franck Vialet and Bettina Ballus), has a barycentric atrium within it, surrounded by research laboratories, studies, offices, service spaces and a cafeteria. The faceted purple walls and ceiling of the iconic conference room contrast with the immaculate and minimalist parterre where 150 armchairs from the Genya series (design Dante Bonuccelli), equipped with a table on the seatback and an electrical system, have been elegantly installed in tiers. The seats in the front row have a tip-up worktop (E5000 desk designed by Orlandini design) finished with wooden front panels.