Project name
La Biennale di Venezia - New Sala Darsena - Venice, Italy
Project location
Interior design project
Pina Maugeri and Joern Brandmeyer
Lamm furniture
Custom Solution
“Tailor-made” seating for one of the privileged venues hosting the Venice International Film Festival at the Lido. Renovated and inaugurated for the 71st edition of the Festival, the elegant, high-tech Sala Darsena is full of armchairs that, as well as bringing colour, are designed to meet the ambitious formal, functional and security requirements of the Venice Biennale. Functionality, highly fire-proof materials, unique and sophisticated design work, and the perfect balance between the shapes of the hall and those of the armchairs themselves: the design needs led to full product customisation. The reconfiguration of the large hall, which, in addition to increasing its capacity from 1300 to 1409 seats, included updating the projection systems in line with the latest cinematic standards, equipping the venue with new stage equipment, extending the screen, and refurbishing the tiers, was a significant challenge.