Project name
Jut Group
Project location
Taipei, Taiwan
MVRDV - Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs e Nathalie de Vries
Tapestry carpet design
Alexandra Kehayoglou
Lamm furniture
Jut Group develops high-quality commercial activities dealing with architecture, interior design, furniture, art and culture. The 240-mq lecture hall, situated at the group headquarters in Taipei (Taiwan), can hold up over 200 people. To arrange the lecture hall, MVRDV architecture practice has chosen the L213 armchairs by LAMM, standing out for their linearity and compositional rhythm, but also for their extreme comfort, into the original layout. L213 armchairs, upholstered with Remix 2 fabric by Kvadrat, have been supplied in the version with inclined sides and installed in curved rows, with no gaps between the panels in order to ensure the backrest continuity. Sides and rear-backrest are made of plywood with grey oak finish. Moreover, the right sides are equipped with tip-up writing tablet with anti-panic movement.