Project name
Multimedia Center “La Passerelle”
Project location
Vitrolles, France
Architectural project
Architect Jean-Pierre Lott
Lamm furniture
The Tulip armchair was chosen for an innovative and highly experimental architectural project in the French town of Vitrolles, designed by architect Jean-Pierre Lott. A striking and monumental building designed to blend seamlessly into the urban setting, while respecting all eco-sustainability requirements. In the La Passerelle media library, iconic for its graceful, eightmetre- high coarse concrete curves and large contrasting glass surfaces, the Tulip armchair by Bartoli Design demonstrates its ability to adapt to specific project requirements. Here, the chairs were bar-mounted and installed in tiers, and the front rows were equipped with tip-up tablets. This compact modern chair boasts round lines and a sophisticated design combined with an innovative synchronised-opening system: when the seat is lowered, the armrests move into a horizontal position. The cushioned seat return mechanism also automatically closes the armrests shared with adjacent seats, but only when the latter are not in use.