Project name
AUS – Research, Technology & Innovation – Auditorium
Project location
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Architectural project
Roar Design
American University of Sharjah Enterprises CO. LLC.
Lamm furniture
F50 armchairs
Roar Design | © The Oculis Project
The auditorium of the Research and Innovation Technology Park, a start-up incubator built on the Sharjah university campus in the UAE, was fitted with F50 armchairs. Commissioned by AUS Enterprise, an organisation that connects manufacturing and academic research at the American University of Sharjah, the auditorium was designed by Dubai-based studio, Roar. Inside, the 130 fully padded and faux leather-upholstered F50 armchairs with gravity-driven tip-up seat provide maximum comfort. The 119 seats on the ground floor share armrests, while nine special armchairs in the front row, of which the two outermost can be easily removed, allowing access for disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, have two side panels and a fixed seat. All of these have a tip-up foldaway writing tablet with anti-panic motion, a HPL laminate top and a die-cast aluminium joint.