Project name
Sala dei Duecento in Palazzo Vecchio
Project location
Florence, Italy
by Servizio Belle Arti e Fabbrica di Palazzo Vecchio of Florence Municipality; Chief Arch. Giorgio Caselli
Tapestry carpet design
Mr. Daniele Gualandi, Arch. Giorgio Caselli
Lamm furniture
Genya armchairs combined with E5000 study benches
Genya armchairs and E5000 desks were chosen for the Sala dei Duecento (Hall of the two-hundred) in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, which today hosts the City Council Assembly. Located inside the early 14th century building, the hall has been restored, with its mullioned windows and walls enhanced alongside the 16th century tapestries. As well as 65 chairs and desks supplied for the Council, 36 chairs were installed for members of the public. The Genya armchair, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, is an all-in-one solution, with synchronised opening of the seat and armrests, and cushioned closure. Each seat has its own E5000 desk equipped with: two closing panels (one on the front and one inside), an electrical supply, a voting pad and a microphone. These were installed on a platform that was also provided by LAMM.