Project name
Academy Mauffrey
Project location
Éloyes, France
Architectural project
Gérald Klauss Architecte
Groupe Mauffrey
Formes et Couleurs
Lamm furniture
260 Futura armchairs with tablet
Images Courtesy of Gérald Klauss Architecte
A compact, conference-ready solution was adopted in Éloyes, France to bring a 260-seat auditorium, on a campus spanning more than 6000 square metres, dedicated to the learning of haulage professions to life. The campus is that of the Mauffrey Group—a leading French company in transport and logistics— Academy. For the large auditorium, the French giant chose the Futura armchair equipped with a tip-up writing tablet. This beam-mounted chair, featuring an extremely resistant frame and a seat, armrest and backrest that move in synch with each other, rests vertically when not in use, taking up just 19 cm of space. In total, 260 chairs, all of which have a faux leather-upholstered seat and backrest, polyurethane armrests and electrical sockets, were installed. Electrification was possible thanks to a series of cables hidden along the loadbearing horizontal bar. Thanks to this, the cables (running from the floor to the chairs) were contained in one raceway per row.