Project name
Fanuc France – Auditorium
Project location
Lisses, France
Architectural project
AGORA Architecte Contractant Général
Interior design project
Christine Molière
Lamm furniture
388 Futura armchair and 1 telescopic grandstand
Mauro Davoli
LAMM’s concealed Floor Technology systems are appreciated by Fanuc, the French world leader in robotic, industrial and numerical control machines, choosing them for its new, reconfigurable auditorium. The project is part of the extension of the company’s headquarters in Lisses, not far from Paris, led by Agora, architects with long experience working as general contractors, specialising in the design and turnkey construction of industrial and tertiary buildings, in collaboration with Christine Molière, architect and interior decorator. A large, 388-seat hall that can be cleared in about 3½ minutes thanks to the telescopic grandstand: once the fully automated movement system is activated, the Futura armchair dance begins. Row after row of LAMM’s hypertechnological and ultra-compact seats fold horizontally to hide beneath the steps as the movement of the telescopic grandstand begins, compacting each row. Each one moves vertically in line with the back wall. Stacked vertically, the seats disappear and the auditorium is completely cleared.