Project name
Astaldi SpA - Rome, Italy
Project location
Architectural project
Maria Carfagnini
Lamm furniture
L213 on Floor Technology system
The conference room for Astaldi SpA (now Astaris), one of Italy’s main general contractors, is refined, dynamic and multifunctional. Fitted with highly comfortable and ergonomic L213 armchairs (large version), the room seats a total of 156. In just a few minutes, the chairs can be stowed under the floor thanks to the Floor Technology and innovative foldaway system. This unit-by-unit operation can involve either the entire room or just parts of it, allowing for different set-ups and seating distribution. Thanks to the sophisticated mechanisms and mechatronic devices, the operation can be performed either manually or automated with a dedicated control panel. With the latter, the maximum movement time for the entire room is just three minutes. The system, for which any upholstery can be used, is adaptable to various forms of walking surfaces, including flat, tiered and sloping floors.