Project name
Bayer France Headquarters Auditorium
Project location
Lyon, France
Bayer SAS
Lamm furniture
L213 armchairs
The Bayer France headquarters are located in Lyon in a modern building complex characterised by a high transparency structure near the large park surrounding Fort de Vaise, along the western bank of the river Saona. Inside it, in order to support communication, training and meeting activities, a large auditorium with the most modern multimedia systems and a podium of over 78 m² has been realised. The slightly sloping parterre has four steps of 10 cm in height, on which the armchairs have been placed. These armchairs contribute strongly to the room arrangement through the combination of three different colours: two shades of grey in contrast to the yellow one placed at random. The model is the L213 (design R&D LAMM), which stands out for its linearity and neatness expressed through the coordinated inclination of seat and backrest, combined to high levels of comfort to foster the time spent on the armchair.