Project name
Halles aux Sucres - Dunkerque, France
Project location
Dunkerque, France
Architectural project
Pierre Louis Faloci
Lamm furniture
Located near to Pier 1, the cornerstone of the urban redevelopment work in the port city of Dunkirk, the Halles aux Sucres is an impressive storage building, completed long ago in 1898 by Jules Denfer. Having been abandoned since the ’90s, the complex has been renovated and recommissioned thanks to the work led by the Parisian architect Pierre Louis Faloci. To complete this well-structured array of functions and to optimise the opportunities for using the building, Faloci’s project included the addition of an auditorium. To fit out this hall, the Parisian architect chose the L213 chair by Lamm, which stands out due to its linearity and compositional rhythm under the unusual black false ceiling. This seating system for conference halls, auditoriums and classrooms is characterised by the balance of its modules and by its extreme comfort.