Project name
Museum of the Future
Project location
Dubai, UAE
Architectural project
Killa Architectural Design
Dubai Future Foundation
Lamm furniture
366 C100 armchairs – Baldanzi & Novelli
With the C100 armchair, all-Italian design has arrived in Dubai to furnish the futuristic auditorium of the Museum of the Future, the torus-shaped museum covered with 1024 curved steel panels, which bears the words of the vice president and prime minister of the UAE engraved on it. The engraved shapes act as a window carved into the iconic architecture designed by the Killa Design studio and engineered by Buro Happold. Inside the small green hill at the bottom is a futuristic auditorium reminiscent of an underwater world or sci-fi movie setting. Here, the C100 armchairs designed by Baldanzi & Novelli have genuine leather upholstery, a low backrest and a coated silver frame. The armchairs were installed in curved rows, on the ground floor and tiers. The three sub-versions used demonstrate the chair’s versatility: those in the front row are double-sided and have a wheel system that allows them to be removed; the chairs in the next two rows have two floor-length sides; and from the fourth row onwards, the chairs are bar-mounted with shared sides.