Project name
Università degli Studi della Basilicata – Aula Magna plesso ex Enaoli
Project location
Potenza, Italy
Lamm furniture
Custom armchairs
Mario Ferrara
A total of 205 “tailor-made” armchairs were created for the renovated space in the building complex (formerly Enaoli), which was built in the 1950s for welfare purposes and later became the seat of the University. The capacity has been increased to 205 seats from the originally planned 193, but without affecting ergonomics and comfort, which remain very high. An internal seating space of 48 centimetres is guaranteed. In addition, the coordinated inclination of the seat and backrest, suitable for stalls or fan installations, allows an optimal view from every point in the classroom. Padded and upholstered in blue faux-leather, the seats are arranged according to a 55 cm spacing and installed in straight rows on sloping floors in the first sector and on steps in the second. Each armchair is equipped with a writing tablet with anti-panic movement in layered HPL that can be folded away.