Project name
Alan Kadıköy / Kadiköy Theatre
Project location
Kadıköy (Istanbul), Turkey
Architectural project
Bingöl Barka Architecture & Consultancy
Koc Mobilya Istanbul | Aksu Suardi Milan
City of Kadıköy (Istanbul)
Lamm furniture
Futura armchair with telescopic tribunes
Cemal Emden Photographer, Courtesy of Alan Kadıköy / Kadiköy Theatre © Samil Kavranoglu
Futura armchairs and telescopic tribunes ensure maximum flexibility for the interior (which can be quickly reconfigured) of a multifunctional theatre in Kadıköy, a district in the metropolitan city of Istanbul. The project, by Bingöl Barka Architecture & Consultancy, stems from the desire to provide the community with a contemporary cultural facility with a flexible theatre hall that can adapt to all different needs and get audiences, actors and the setting itself to mingle in various ways. An ambitious goal made possible by the systems provided: 318 Futura armchairs and two telescopic tribunes facing each other, one with 198 seats and the other with 120 seats. The result: the room can be reconfigured in just a few minutes thanks to a fully automated system which tilts the armchairs (from a horizontal to upright position) by means of gas shock absorbers.