Project name
Clemenceau Medical Center Dubai – conference hall
Project location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Architectural project
Clemenceau Medical Center LZ-LLC
Arabian Construction Company
Lamm furniture
76 F50 armchairs; 24 On Time armchairs; 2 On Time trolleys; 4 Flip tables; 15 HL3 chairs
Barry Lake | Future Photography
One of the focal points of the new centre is the modern conference room, equipped with a movable wall that allows the room to be divided into two smaller ones. To enhance the room in terms of form and functionality, F50 armchairs have been fixed to the floor and arranged in straight, flat rows at the front. At the back of the room, 24 On Time – Baldanzi & Novelli armchairs, which can be collapsed and stored in the two trolleys supplied if needed, have been installed. Complementing these features are four wheeled Flip tables with tilting top and 15 fixed and stackable HL³– Lucci and Orlandini chairs without armrests.