Project name
TBS Education - Barcellona – Great hall
Project location
Barcelona, Spain
Architectural project
Batlle i Roig Arquitectura
Unifurniture S.L.
Lamm furniture
233 Unica armchairs; 217 tables mod. T200
Courtesy of TBS Education; Oriol Gómez
The project is by Batlle i Roig Arquitectura, the Catalan architecture firm that has always assimilated the language of ecology and is among the most committed to the fight against climate change. Between the lively areas, on the seventh floor of the new building, is a large Lecture Hall made functional by the comfortable and versatile Unica armchairs, chosen in the version with high back and headrest. Entirely upholstered and covered in black leatherette, the seats were installed in straight rows on steps (according to a 52 cm spacing). The project benefits from the wide range of accessories available with Unica chairs. The 16 armchairs in the first row are equipped with folding writing tablets with anti-panic movement and a stratified HPL top. An electrical socket was also provided for each seat, located on the inside of the side panel. The remaining armchairs were equipped with an individual table (model T200) with a black painted metal frame, a writing surface in stratified HPL and an electrical socket.