Project name
Theater Im Park
Project location
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
Stadt Bad Oeynhausen
Lamm furniture
499 custom armchairs
Wilfried Bordasch Photography
Exquisitely hand-crafted custom armchairs for the Theater Im Park, the jewel-box theatre in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The new tailor-made product was designed and developed to meet various specific needs: maximum comfort when sitting, improved overall acoustic performance and unchanged hall capacity. In addition, the armchairs— installed in curved rows—accommodate the unique layout of the stalls, whose curvature forms a spoon-like surface. While this shape created complications during the installation stage, the expert craftsmen sent to Germany overcame these with flying colours. A total of 499 fully padded armchairs, complete with short sides, solid wood armrests, cushioned closure, seat number and thread embroidered through the upholstery, were installed. The cylinders for fixing the armchairs to the floor are height-adjustable, enabling them to be adapted to the unique curvature of the stalls. Also anchored to the cylinders are armchairs with specially calendered beams.