Project name
Nouvelle Comédie de Genève - Grande Salle
Project location
Geneva, Switzerland
Architectural project
FRES Architectes (Laurent Gravier and Sara Martín Cámara)
Geneva City Council
Merotto Milani
Lamm furniture
498 custom armchairs
Didier Jordan / Ville de Genève
An armchair designed to meet the specific needs of the Grande Salle, the largest hall in the New Comédie Theatre in the Eaux Vives district of Geneva. The new theatre, designed by FRES Architectes, replaces and displaces a building that had fallen into disuse. It is enhanced by two large glass façades through which people outside can see those working on sets and costumes in the workshops. A lively and spectacle-rich place, where 498 armchairs (325 fixed and 173 removable) were made specially for the main hall. This compact armchair has sides reaching down to the floor and a damper-equipped tip-up seat for a quiet closure and cushioned bounce. When folded up, it takes up just 40 cm of space, allowing people to walk freely between the curved tiered rows. The coplanar backrests provide a pleasant visual effect, creating a kind of continuous “wall”. Everything except the seatbacks, which are visible and made from FSC®-certified wood, is upholstered in Fidivi Orta Fabric. Place and row numbers are embroidered into the fabric.