Project name
Polytechnic of Milan University – Great Hall
Project location
Milan, Italy
Lamm furniture
Mura B/B Vip
From classroom to multifunctional space: for the Carlo De Carli lecture hall on the Bovisa campus of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy’s leading science and technology university, the innovative Floor Technology systems present allow for rapid transformation. The layout includes 492 Futura armchairs, 306 for the ground level and 186 on a telescopic tribune. Thanks to the track system embedded in the floor, the rows slide along and fold away into a special compartment under the stand. The (manual) handling of the system is easy and can be done by a single operator, while the self-cleaning and self-lubricating sliding mechanism reduces the need for maintenance work. The concealed cable-channelling system gives users easy access to electrical sockets. The automatic telescopic tribune at the back of the hall allows the seats of 13 rows (200 in total) to be moved out of sight into the wall, taking up just 170 cm of space. To round things off, eight foldable ‘On Time’ armchairs, designed by Baldanzi & Novelli, were supplied.