Project name
Halles aux Sucres - Dunkerque, France
Project location
Dunkerque, France
Architectural project
Pierre Louis Faloci
Lamm furniture
The auditorium of the Halle aux Sucres, an imposing harbour building built in Dunkirk in 1898 to store sugar, has been fitted with L213 armchairs. Unused since the 1990s, it was renovated and redesigned by Parisian architect Pierre Louis Faloci. In a clean cut spanning almost three quarters of the length of the building, a number of bays were hollowed out. A long ramp was inserted into the opening left behind, creating a scenic promenade leading into the complex where the Museum of the Sustainable City, a Learning Centre, temporary exhibitions, the headquarters of the Planning School, the archives and the Urban Planning Office are all located. For greater usage, an auditorium was installed to complement the various other departments. To furnish it, the architect chose L213 armchairs that stand out for their linear shape and compositional rhythm beneath the unusual black ceiling.