Project name
Apple iOS Developer Academy - University of Naples Federico II - Naples, Italy
Project location
Naples, Italy
Architectural project
arch. Francesco Scardaccione con Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm
Lamm furniture
L213 armchairs are the star feature of the layout in the high-tech lecture hall of Europe’s first ever iOS developer centre, built by Apple on the campus of the University of Naples Federico II. A major educational and research hub born from the ambitious redevelopment of what were previously Cirio factories, designed by the Japanese Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm in collaboration with architect Francesco Scardaccione. Inside, the congress/lecture hall is a major representative feature of the facility. Here, in the great hall, the striking ocean-blue parterre consists of more than 400 L213 armchairs arranged in straight tiered rows, fixed to the floor by an anchoring mechanism concealed by scratch-resistant, coated sheet metal casing. A comfortable seating system designed for conference rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls, which stands out thanks to the neatness—emphasised by the coordinated inclination of the seat and backrest—of the units. The armchairs are upholstered in elegant faux leather and have a tip-up writing tablet with anti-panic motion.